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Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses & Labs

Metal Panels for Manufacturing & Research Labs

Efficiency Inside and Out 

Manufacturing plants, warehouses and research labs epitomize efficiency, which is why CENTRIA's exterior metal wall and roof systems are specified to clad these facilities. Unrivaled thermal efficiency and sustainability features work in tandem with countless customization and innovation options to construct the modern world's ideal commercial building.

Durability and versatility make CENTRIA’s metal panels stand out above the rest. With superior and innovative technology our metal panels achieve high performance standards with a modern aesthetic to complement any building design.  

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The CENTRIA Advantage

Today, the construction needs of the manufacturing, warehouse, and research industries are met, in large part, with CENTRIA single-component insulated metal panel exterior wall systems. Providing advanced thermal and moisture protection, along with options for enhanced fire safety, CENTRIA products help accelerate project completion and result in facilities that look as great as they perform.

  • CENTRIA’s exterior metal wall and roof systems provide striking aesthetics and unmatched performance

  • Industry’s widest selection of standard colors and specialty finishes to achieve your vision. 

  • Nationwide network of trained CENTRIA installers. 

  • Unmatched value-added services to help you achieve success. 

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