A Lesson in Expansion

Andover, KS

A district-wide master plan for the local school system in Andover, Kansas, included recommendations for large-scale renovations to Andover High School. The resulting $61.9-million construction project included a 240,000-square-foot building that would be connected to gymnasiums, locker rooms and shops from the existing campus.


The new building improves safety and security for the high school while also providing flexible learning environments and more areas for collaboration. Multi-level, open spaces illuminated by daylight replace low, dark corridors and classrooms.

CENTRIA products became the perfect, flexible solution for the building envelope for this modern-day space.

Aesthetic Impact, Long-Term Durability

CENTRIA entered the project after initial construction had already begun and had experienced some challenges.

 The project team sought to use metal for the exterior cladding in a variety of colors to create visual interest in the new addition. They also wanted something durable that would withstand the heavy traffic experienced by a school building. CENTRIA products delivered better value, quicker delivery and longer warranties.

“I approached the architect to explain how they could get the metal façade they desired for an overall lower cost,” said Brian Finnegan, Midwest area manager of CENTRIA. “In addition to the standard 20-year finish warranty, the owner would receive a 20-year wall weather-tight warranty. This was a very attractive component to them since school districts do not have a lot of budgeting for added maintenance.”

CENTRIA was able to detail and resubmit the plan to the architect, demonstrating how Formawall Graphix Series panels would achieve the design intent while also better serving the school’s needs.

Formawall Graphix Series lined the exterior of the school in Silversmith for the main façade and Dark Bronze for accents.  The Formawall panels integrated into wainscoting, leaving much of the exterior a large metal enclosure for a modern, sophisticated look.

Formawall is an architectural insulated metal panel system that combines design freedom with unmatched performance. The Graphix Series is a factory segmented panel that allows one panel to give the appearance of several panels. These panels drastically reduce installation time, while improving wall performance. The building envelope system is factory foamed in-place to minimize the potential for gaps within the panel and limit maintenance on the building. Concealed fasteners with insulated vertical joints prevent water infiltration and ensure a clean aesthetic. Formawall panels integrate with most glass wall, window and louver systems.

School’s in Session

The renovation to Andover High School began in Fall 2018. The new school opened to the public to begin the 2019-2020 school year. CENTRIA insulated metal panels were installed over a six-month period.






  • Market Segment

    Education (K-12)

  • Architect Name

    SJCF Architecture

  • Dealer

    Mays Maune McWard, Inc.

  • Installer

    Hutton Corporation

  • Contractor

    Hutton Corporation