Lasting Thermal and Moisture Protection

Elevate your architectural vision with CENTRIA’s world-class insulated metal wall panels, enriched by the prowess of our industry-leading Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology. Witness exceptional performance unfold as you explore a realm of international excellence in building solutions. Embrace a universe of design possibilities through a myriad of captivating colors, versatile materials, and impeccable finishes, empowering you to embark on a global design journey that transcends boundaries across the building envelope.


Insulated metal panels (IMPs) are prefabricated building materials that consist of two metal skins sandwiching a foam core. They are used as a building envelope system for walls and roofs in commercial, industrial, and mixed use construction. IMPs offer a high level of thermal efficiency, as well as acoustic and fire resistance properties. They are also lightweight, easy to install, and can be designed to meet a variety of aesthetic requirements. Common applications of IMPs include stadiums, healthcare facilities, universities, and office buildings. With CENTRIA, you access the industry’s widest range of forms, textures, finishes and colors to create a façade perfectly befitting a facility’s end use.


The exact price depends on the specific product used, application, and building size. Insulated metal panels are cost-effective compared to other building materials. IMPs create the perfect building envelope in one easy step, covering all necessary control layers, compared to multi-component built up systems. Additionally, the all-in-one control layers reduce the number of installation trades required, saving scheduling headaches.

IMPs are designed to have a long life expectancy, often up to 30-50 years or more. This is due in part to their durability and resistance to weather, fire, and pests, as well as their ability to maintain thermal efficiency over an extended period. If properly maintained and cared for, IMPs can continue to perform effectively and efficiently for many years. CENTRIA sources top quality EAF steel through it’s parent company NUCOR as well as premium components and paint options to ensure our buildings endure the test of time and weather. Learn more about our sustainability Story!


Architectural insulated metal panels are usually 24 inches to 36 inches in width, while commercial panels are usually 30 inches to 40 inches in width. The exact width will depend on specific product specifications.

All CENTRIA panels manufactured in the United States have been thoroughly tested for building code compliance and are covered under various product approval listings, including, NFPA 285 and FM 4882.


The R-value of insulated metal panels (IMPs) varies depending on the thickness of the foam core and the type of foam used. The R-value of an IMP can range from R-16 to R-32 or more, depending on the specific product and application. The higher the R-value, the better the thermal insulation performance of the panel. The R-value of CENTRIA’s insulated metal panels achieve a staggering per inch R-value as high as 8.4 and U-factor as low as 0.034. With these robust insulating values, IMPs are able to meet energy code requirements across all climate zones.


Insulated metal panels can be as thin as 2 inches or as thick as 4 inches for architectural wall panels.