Insulated metal roof panels feature a steel skin with an insulating foam core designed to deliver high thermal R-values for energy efficient performance that are cost efficient on heating and cooling. Our insulated metal roof panels also feature a thermal break between the face and the liner to mitigate thermal bridging and drift. They’re also designed with factory-applied panel joint sealant and field-applied sealant so they can serve as an effective air and vapor barrier.

Choose from a variety of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to fit your project. Adding insulated metal roofing to your building project can help meet LEED and other green building standards. Insulated metal roof panels are an eco-friendly option for your building project. The steel skin is made from recycled materials and they’re nearly 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Whether you are an Architect or Contractor, our insulated metal roofing panels provide the premier combination of aesthetics, performance, sustainability, and value. Our insulated roofing panels are used in a variety of industries including office buildings, university buildings, manufacturing and more. CENTRIA Versapanel roofing provides unmatched convenience and durability. You can view more of our products in action on various buildings like Buescher Hall at East Central college in Missouri.

Why Choose Insulated Metal Roofing Systems

Insulated Metal Roofing systems provide a variety of benefits. Our roofing panels are highly energy efficient, saving you operating costs in the long run. CENTRIA insulated metal roofing panels are also manufactured with bold ribs that add an attractive linear definition to large buildings, balancing both unique aesthetic appeal with the durability and energy efficiency you need. In addition to this, our roofing panels also provide the following benefits:

  • Can be installed vertically as wall or roof panel.
  • Lightweight panels lower installation costs.
  • Increased span capability reduces support steel requirements.
  • Thermal break between face and liner saves energy.
  • Factory-applied panel joint sealant with field-applied sealant creates a weather resistant air and vapor barrier.
  • Snap-on cap conceals joint for a seamless appearance (required on roofs)
  • Building Code Compliances
  • Easy to install.
  • Require little to no maintenance.


CENTRIA’s Versapanel Roof systems deliver the industry’s best combination of aesthetics, performance, sustainability, and value. The lightweight panels provide tremendous flexibility with long lengths, various finish options and superior weather resistance, as well as all-weather installation capability. These panels are the ideal product to create a modern aesthetic for large-scale buildings like warehouses, industrial facilities, schools, and shopping centers.



Versapanel insulated metal roof panels is a highly energy-efficient roof system and defined by bold ribs that add an attractive linear definition to large structures. It also adds versatility and flexibility by offering a metal panel solution to a roofing application.