American Greetings Headquarters & Creative Studio

Cleveland, OH

American Greetings new headquarters building brings new energy to the well-established brand with its Cleveland, OH, location. The company relocated from Brooklyn and wanted a modern space that was indicative of its culture and rich history. The new building, therefore, incorporates office areas, meeting rooms, photo spaces, and a courtyard to allow employees outdoor access. It is in an energetic area, established by shopping, dining, and residential structures. 

“We used a mix of materials to identify different portions of the building. CENTRIA panels in the American Greetings red hue was used at the entrances to make them more prominent,” says Peter Murr, Associate Vice President, Callison RKTL, the firm responsible for the design. “It worked really well on the building.” 

Situated on a 14.5-acre site, the building is a massive 660,000 square feet – and workspace for more than 800 employees. CENTRIA Formawall panels were selected for its exterior in Pewter, Red, and Midnight Bronze finishes. In total, approximately 46,000 square feet of Formawall complete the headquarters building, imbuing it with the contemporary character desired by the owners. 

“Our firm has worked with CENTRIA product frequently,” says Murr. “Formawall is a good exterior IMP system that provides the right level of insulation, air barrier, and weight, such that it doesn’t need additional support.” 

  • Market Segment

    Offices & Banks

  • Architect Name


  • Dealer

    A. C. Dellovade, Inc.

  • Installer

    A. C. Dellovade, Inc.

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  • LEED Certification