TetraShield Sheathing Panels

Combining durability with fast and easy installation, CENTRIA insulated sheathing panels are designed for use with virtually any exterior cladding to create a complete backup wall solution. Insulated sheathing panels exceed code requirements as a single, easy-to-install sheathing that serves as a substrate for the application of a wide variety of cladding types.

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Features & Benefits of Insulated Sheathing Panels

Our structural insulated sheathing panels are made from high quality materials that ensure you get the best performing panels for your project. Some features and benefits of using CENTRIA’s insulated sheathing panels include: 

  • Superior water and thermal protection 
  • Acts as an air and vapor barrier 
  • Durable and lightweight 

Common Applications & Uses

With easy installation, these insulated sheathing panels are the perfect solution to many different building applications including: 

  • Office buildings 
  • Educational facilities 
  • Government buildings 
  • Stores and strip centers 
  • Medical clinics 



TetraShield is a foam composite panel constructed of two roll-formed steel skins surrounding and entirely bonded to a closed-cell, poured-in-place polyisocyanurate foam core. The exterior face is finished with a polyester paint to allow for longer exposure during construction. The facings and flashing tape create a vapor, air, and moisture barrier, and provide long-term thermal stability along with the foam core.