Connecticut Science Center

Hartford, CT

 The Connecticut Science Center engages everyone who walks through its doors, capturing the excitement and wonder of science, as well as embodying the region’s commitment to education and cultural enrichment. Opened in 2009 in Hartford, CT, the 154,000-square-foot structure is part of the Adriaen’s Landing development, which includes a new convention center, a major hotel and several public attractions along the Connecticut River.

The Science Center itself – ensconced in metal panels by CENTRIA, transparent glass, photovoltaic panels and a large projection screen – houses four educational laboratories, a 206-seat 3-D theater and 40,000 square feet of exhibit space featuring 150 interactive exhibits.

The Science Center’s unique design was created by the integration of three major elements: one in the shape of a parallelogram, the other a narrow glass tower topped by a fluid S-shaped roof, and a terraced component that steps back on one side and has a beam that extends outward on the other.

This iconic structure, the anchor project for the overall redevelopment, required products that not only helped achieve, but also helped enhance the architect’s aesthetic vision. CENTRIA’s Versawall and Versapanel provided long, uninterrupted sight lines for a smooth, contemporary exterior design. They also provided the architect with virtually unlimited possibilities in form, color and texture.

In terms of performance, Versawall’s and Versapanel’s advanced thermal and moisture protection provided a solution for the cold temperatures and harsh weather experienced in New England. And because these lightweight panels can be installed in any type of weather, they allowed for faster and easier installation, saving time and construction costs.

From the beginning of the planning process, one of the main goals in the construction of the Science Center was a facility that maximized impact for the community, but that also minimized impact on the surrounding natural environment. To achieve this, the architectural systems and products specified by the designers had to have a high level of sustainability. From project inception, LEED accredited professionals worked closely with the Science Center to support the design integration, resulting in LEED Gold certification.

All of the CENTRIA products used on the Science Center have received Cradle-to-Cradle® Certification and were chosen in part because of the superior benefits of sustainability required for this nationally-recognized certification program. They were also chosen because they reduced the environmental impacts from transportation and helped support the local economy.

Versawall and Versapanel insulated metal composite panels are Cradle-to-CradleCM Certified at the Silver Level, and CENTRIA’s EcoScreen and Concept Series are Cradle –to-CradleCM certified at the Gold and Silver levels, respectively.

  • Market Segment

    Museums & Libraries

  • Architect Name

    Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

  • Contractor

    Whiting Turner Contracting Company

  • LEED Certification

    Certified Gold