Susquehanna Art Museum

Harrisburg, PA

The Keystone Trust Company, a former bank building circa-1924, lends itself as the entrance to the Susquehanna Art Museum as part of this retrofit project in Harrisburg, PA that was completed in 2015. Metal and glass are the materials that make up the panel envelope of this grand museum, providing both function and beauty to the building’s façade. The building’s new metal façade – using products from CENTRIA – is now a work of art itself as it complements the color and proportion of the existing building while providing a civic scale to the block.

In conjunction with the aesthetic, the addition provides more space for a traveling gallery, an education center, new staff offices and art loading and receiving. The new museum was constructed to standards set forth by the American Alliance of Museums, which will allow the museum to now borrow exhibitions and artwork of national significance.

Available in a number of lengths, thicknesses, reveals and profiles, Formawall Dimension Series panels allow nearly any aesthetic vision to be accomplished. CENTRIA’s advanced thermal and moisture protection (ATMP®) technology ensures thermal efficiency, moisture control and weather protection. Formawall Dimension metal wall panels are EPD-certified and add to the sustainability of the building. Concealed clips and fasteners eliminate any breaks in the exterior, resulting in a clean, sleek look. Windows, louvers and sunshades can be easily added without sacrificing exterior aesthetics.

CENTRIA’s Versawall insulated metal panels were selected for their flexibility and aesthetics, and are available in a wide array of colors. Concealed fasteners also make these panels visually appealing, eliminating any breaks or interruptions in the exterior. Installation is fast and easy, and the combination of the double tongue-and-groove joinery and factory-applied vapor sealing provides superior resistance to the elements as well as thermal protection. The wide array of color options lent both consistency and depth to the exterior aesthetic.

  • Market Segment

    Museums & Libraries

  • Architect Name

    Ewing Cole

  • Dealer

    Hershocks, Inc.

  • Contractor

    JEM Group

  • LEED Certification