Delano Police Department

Delano, CA

The Delano Police Department Headquarters houses a full-service police department with more than 80 officers and civilian employees who serve a population of 52,000 in Delano, CA. The police department needed larger, more modern headquarters. CENTRIA’s Concept Series panels played a critical role in the design of the new 36,653 sq. ft. headquarters.

The architects of Delano Police Department Headquarters specified CENTRIA metal panels because of their superior performance, aesthetics, and durability.

The design team appreciated the many options that the Concept Series concealed fastener panels provided them, including thousands of combinations of articulation, shadows and sight lines, along with a complete line of finish, integration, special systems and detail options. The mocha-colored, horizontal panels gave the building a professional, clean look.

With concealed fasteners and a common-lock joint, Concept Series concealed fastener panels can be mixed for interesting custom profiled wall relief. The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and have an unbroken appearance that further adds to Concept Series concealed fastener panels’ versatility. Panels are also available in two surface textures– stucco embossed or smooth.

Whether it’s a retrofit or a new wall, Concept Series concealed fastener panels provide value to any exterior wall project, offering all-weather installation and fast-track scheduling. The panels’ stand-off clips provide a ventilation cavity and drain plane behind the panel, and allow for thermal and seismic movements. The product was perfect for the building situated in earthquake-prone California.

  • Market Segment

    Government Services

  • Architect Name

    WLC Architects, Inc.

  • Dealer

    Blackwood Associates, Inc.

  • Installer

    Four C's Service

  • Contractor

    Tarlton and Sons, Inc.

  • LEED Certification