CENTRIA Provides Protection for New Research Facility

Summit, NJ

Celgene Corp. (now Bristol Myers Squibb™) opened a new immunotherapy research center in Summit, New Jersey to support ongoing research to develop transformative treatments for blood cancer patients. The lab focuses on immunotherapy to treat B-cell lymphoma. This critical cell therapy is one of the key areas of research for Bristol Myers Squibb, a leader in scientific innovation investing in technology and optimizing the manufacturing process. 

The 135,000-square-foot facility provides additional research and development laboratories, manufacturing capabilities, storage and warehouse space, and administrative offices.  The new center was an addition to an office and research campus, and the design team wanted to create a similar exterior aesthetic while providing insulating value and a unique building for the company.

Protection for Innovation 

To deliver a high-performing building envelope with solid aesthetic appeal, architects turned to CENTRIA to provide solutions for all areas of the new facility. Designers chose two CENTRIA panel systems in collaboration with the project design team and CENTRIA representatives. 

“The combination of Formawall, Cascade, and MetalWrap panels from CENTRIA delivered the best protection for this research facility,” said Craig Miller, project manager at Pravco, Inc. “Each of the panel types integrated with curtainwall and a louver bank seamlessly and created a building envelope that matched the office park style while still offering a unique space for Celgene.”

Formawall insulated metal panels were used for much of the facility to provide insulating value and a one-step installation for enclosing walls. In total, 21,270 square feet of horizontal three-inch Formawall Dimension Series metallic panels were used in Champagne Gold and Light Bronze to create a custom façade for the center. To complement the Dimension Series panel, crews installed 3,400 square feet of Graphix Series metallic panels in Gold and Silversmith.

Formawall Dimension Series delivers unprecedented design freedom with a high-performance building envelope system that consolidates six wall components into one product, creating a distinct wall profile. With concealed clips, fasteners, sealants and insulated metal vertical joints, Formawall creates smooth, clean façades. Formawall is factory foamed in-place with red-list free foam core, minimizing the potential for gaps within the panel and improving the sustainability of the building environment and its fire performance.

Formawall Graphix insulated metal panels create the illusion of multiple smaller panels. This reduces the number of panels required for unique aesthetics, simplifies installation, and reduces the opportunity for air and water infiltration.

To enclose the stair towers and elevators, architects specified 3,530 square feet of metallic Medium Gray Cascade single-skin metal panels. Finishing the interior of those spaces at the same time while providing thermal and moisture protection, 4,770 square feet of primed MetalWrap completed the job as a barrier wall backup panel system.

Cascade metal rainscreen façade panels are inspired by the play of light and shadow created by flowing water. They create complex wall relief never before seen in corrugated metal wall panels. CC-200 interchangeable single-skin metal panels have one 1 ½” deep rib marked by a striking signature curve and a bold flat slope profile. The depth of shadow offers a new level of design options for rainscreen panels.

The ultimate barrier wall system, MetalWrap insulated composite backup panels are designed with advanced thermal and moisture protection technology to provide air, water, thermal, and vapor barrier within a single wall component. MetalWrap is two steel skins permanently bonded to a poured-in-place foam insulating core and integrates with the panel joinery and is continuous along the panel length. 

Open for Research   

Celgene marked the opening of the new facility in the spring of 2021 after 14 months of construction. 


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    Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses & Labs

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    Pravco, Inc.

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    Pravco, Inc.

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    Gilbane Building Company

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