Delivering Rocky Mountain Views

Dillon, CO

In the heart of Summit County, Colorado, the Dillon Health Center delivers healthcare to the local community in a new 85,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. The $70-million structure was designed with community input to blend with the environment.

The hospital is built with several stories below grade to preserve views of the mountains from inside the center without blocking those views from nearby residences.

Exterior cladding had to be durable enough to handle harsh Rocky Mountain weather and high-altitude UV rays, while also delivering a modern, welcoming aesthetic for the hospital. 

Durability Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

CENTRIA Concept Series panels delivers low maintenance, texture and depth, and the performance needed for Dillon Health Center. The high UV ray exposure and frequent snow coverage required resilient materials that the single-skin metal panels provided. 

In addition, the region in general sees a substantial influx of tourists and visitors who come to ski in the winter and to hunt, fish, and sail in the summer. The center sought to achieve an aesthetic look that would be attractive to these visitors while also not distracting from the natural surroundings that are such a draw for people. Concept Series panels provided color, texture, and depth to the exterior of the facility.

“The community input gathered before the onset of this project told us that the new center needed to look and feel like it was integrated into its surrounding environment,” said Steven Huck, district sales manager at CENTRIA. “The façade of the building plays a major role in that, and Concept Series panels delivered the right kind of look while also delivering durability to protect the facility from Mother Nature.”

In total, 8,000 square feet of Dark Bronze Concept Series panels were installed. Designers used 9,000 square feet of CS 620, 7,500 square feet of CS 630, 3,800 square feet of CS 660, and 6,100 square feet of IW 11A panels to achieve further depth and variety in texture.

Concept Series panels feature concealed fasteners and hook and grab panel joinery that allows panels to integrate with each other. Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, allowing for more design freedom and creativity. Wall panels deliver unmatched performance with stand-off clips that provide a ventilation cavity and drain plane behind the panel and may be installed in a variety of rainscreen applications.

IW Series metal, single skin rainscreen panels eliminate exposed fasteners for a clean aesthetic. The panels can be installed year-round and feature a common lock-joint to minimize moisture intrusion.

Doctor’s In

With the Colorado winter approaching, the project team had nine months to complete construction of the new hospital. The facility opened in December 2021.


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  • Architect Name

    Davis Partnership Architects

  • Installer

    SGH Concepts

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    A and P Construction

  • LEED Certification