North Carolina National Guard

Raleigh, NC

The $44.6 million North Carolina National Guard Joint Force Headquarters in Raleigh, NC was designed to provide a reserve center for the North Carolina National Guard personnel throughout peacetime missions. The 237,000 sq. ft. space is also home to the State of North Carolina Emergency Operations Center, the Statewide Transportation Center and the Highway Patrol’s Regional Communications Center, making it possible for these organizations to easily collaborate. Metal products from CENTRIA are featured prominently in the facility’s design.

The building includes a diverse array of spaces, including offices, conference areas, a 400-seat auditorium, an emergency situation room, transportation control room, dining facilities and other critical operational spaces. The expansive atrium also is used as a drill hall and vertical communications space.

CENTRIA’s Formawall Dimension Series and Formavue window system were selected for the North Carolina National Guard Joint Force Headquarters because of their superior benefits in terms of aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value.

From an aesthetic standpoint, Formawall Dimension Series was chosen because the panels provide a clean, uninterrupted appearance and unlimited possibilities in terms of form, color and texture. From a performance perspective, CENTRIA’s Formawall Dimension Series is a wall system that provides both advanced thermal efficiency and moisture control in a single panelized component. The Formawall Dimension Series insulated metal panel includes a factory foamed-in-place core, minimizing insulation gaps, along with a thermal break between the face and the liner.

Formawall Dimension Series is manufactured as one component, making it one of today’s preferred wall systems. The one-step process simplifies the installation process and leads to efficiencies in construction.

CENTRIA’s Formavue window system was used because it is designed to integrate seamlessly with Formawall Dimension Series panels, eliminating window/metal panel coordination issues at intersections. Formavue windows were also chosen for their outstanding weather resistance and because they feature a standard thermal break that enhances their energy efficiency.

  • Market Segment

    Government Services

  • Architect Name

    O'Brien Atkins Associates

  • Dealer

    Steel-Clad, Inc.

  • Installer

    Steel-Clad, Inc.

  • Contractor

    Shelco, Inc.

  • LEED Certification