DMV Headquarters

Sacramento, CA

 The Sacramento Department Of Motor Vehicles field office required a complex phased construction design because the site improvements needed to take place while the building was occupied and functioning. The renovation included complete seismic analysis and retrofit, hazardous material abatement, new mechanical and electrical systems, new childcare center and cafeteria, new entry and entry plaza, building “re-skin” and new tenant improvements on each of the building’s six floors.

Featuring architectural metal products from CENTRIA, the award-winning project is scheduled for four LEED® certifications, including LEED® Silver Certification.

After 14 years and $130 million, this retrofit, the largest remodeling project ever by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, was completed in 2012. The four major finish elements — glass, aluminum panels, insulated metal panels and composite phenolic panels — were applied differently on each elevation, thus giving a different appearance from any angle.

The new skin of insulated metal panels and glass is significantly more insulated than the old one, which means reduced heating and cooling costs. The southwest corner has a second skin because it receives the most sunlight, and the design saves energy in winter and summer. Plus, nearly 3,000 solar panels cover the roof in a 479-kilowatt system that is thought to be one of the largest solar arrays on a single building in the Sacramento area.

CENTRIA’s Formawall® Dimension Series® insulated metal panel system is one of today’s most preferred wall systems because of its combination of performance, aesthetics and sustainability. These insulated metal panels include a factory foamed-in-place core, minimizing insulation gaps, along with a thermal break between the panel face and the liner. The panels offer superior weather resistance by utilizing pressure equalization along the length of the horizontal joinery. CENTRIA’s patented ATMP® technology allows Formawall Dimension Series panels to provide superior thermal and moisture protection. Available in horizontal and vertical designs, these panels offer a wide range of lengths, thicknesses, reveals and profiles along with integrated wall components.

The sleek and innovative aesthetics of CENTRIA were an integral part of the architect’s vision, contributing to the beautiful façade of the building. Ecoscreen perforated screenwall not only integrates with the other CENTRIA panels, but provides an airy aesthetic and outstanding rainscreen performance that elegantly blends the building into its surroundings.

Together, CENTRIA’s metal wall systems helped meet the architect’s design goals and objectives to create a unique building with a dynamic and distinct aesthetic.

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    Offices & Banks

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    Pacific Erectors, Inc.

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    SJ Amoroso Construction

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