Lincoln Elementary

Louisville, KY

Lincoln Elementary School serves as a Performing Arts Magnet School in the Louisville, Kentucky area. The first of its kind in the Jefferson County School District, Lincoln integrates core academic curriculum with dance, music and drama. Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Lincoln regularly partners with local businesses and arts organizations, offering students the chance to experience a comprehensive performing arts process that includes everything from set design to musical composition. An expansion – featuring architectural metal products from CENTRIA – provides new, state-of-art technology that will enable students and teachers to maximize their educational experience. The new structure includes a 3,000 square-foot black box theater, a piano lab, practice rooms and several dance studios.

CENTRIA’s Profile Series Exposed Fastener Profiles offer a unique profile that creates a contemporary look and feel on the exterior of the facility. With the option to install the Profile Series panels vertically or horizontally, these versatile panels provided the design team with unlimited options in terms of form, color and texture. In addition, they can be insulated to meet many levels of thermal protection and provide excellent negative wind load properties.

CENTRIA’s Concept Series Concealed Fastener Profiles created dramatic lines complementing the vibrant exterior design of Lincoln. The neutral palette of the Concept Series was integrated with the Blackberry color of the IW Series, creating contrast and giving the facility a vivid and modern aesthetic. The panels’ long, uninterrupted sight lines added dimension and enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the school.

In terms of performance, profiles can be insulated to meet many levels of thermal protection. And because these lightweight panels can be installed in any type of weather, they allowed for faster and easier installation, saving time and construction costs.

CENTRIA’s IW Series Concealed Fastener Profiles were selected in three contrasting colors (Silversmith, Champagne and Blackberry), with the panels’ common-lock joint design making interesting visual effects possible. The new color palette brightened and enlivened the structure’s previously dull façade, creating a welcoming and fun environment for students. The panels can be installed either horizontally or vertically and in all weather conditions. The concealed fastener panels were also a sustainable choice since they are manufactured from 25.5 percent post-consumer waste and 6.8 percent pre-consumer waste.

CENTRIA’s ADP 100 Architectural Design Panels provide an economical and attractive solution to a wide range of non-structural standing seam roof applications. ADP 100 Panels offer a thin seam design with concealed fastener clips that make them ideal for mansards and fascia. Snap-on battens reduce installation time and cost. CENTRIA’s C/S Louvers, which are drainable and storm-resistant, add both aesthetic value and advanced performance to the overall project.

The project architect was Bravura Architects of Louisville, KY; the CENTRIA products dealer/installer was DT & Associates Inc. of Lexington, KY; and an additional installer was Palmer Roofing of Jeffersonville, IN.

  • Market Segment

    Education (K-12)

  • Architect Name

    Bravura Architecture

  • Dealer

    D-T & Associates

  • Installer

    Palmer Roofing

  • Contractor

    David Construction

  • LEED Certification