OMNI Surgery Center

Utica, NY

Located between the OMNI Plaza and Kirkland Day Habilitation Center Arc, the OMNI Outpatient Surgery Center was constructed on a decade-vacant lot to generate jobs and perform outpatient procedures to address pain management for its patients. With a small but skilled staff of 10, the surgery center is designed to act as a faster, more efficient and convenient alternative to hospitals and fills a healthcare void that had been present in Utica, NY.

With a small staff of efficient medical professionals and surgeons, streamlining was the most common theme in the center’s culture. To match this unique concept in the building’s façade, Bennetts & Huysman Architects PC conceptualized a building design that veered off the path of traditional building products to grant it a new, unique identity. CENTRIA metal panels were used to transform what would be an unsubstantial façade into a work of metal art.

To achieve the desired aesthetic goals, the architect specified Formawall Dimension Series insulated metal panels. Featuring easy installation thanks to the IMPs’ single-component construction and nearly limitless lengths, widths, thicknesses and reveal options, the architectural team was able to develop sharp angles and smooth expanses throughout the building’s façade to achieve their ambitious design goals with little lead time. The Formawall panels simultaneously contrast and integrate with adjoining brick, revealing sudden breaks that display the versatility of the IMPs.

In addition to the IMPs’ aesthetic value, energy efficiency features minimize the ecological footprint of the building. The panels provide high-performance thermal efficiency, moisture control and include a factory foamed-in-place core to minimize insulation gaps.

While the silhouette of the building provides a unique building identity, color was used to truly differentiate the building. The exterior of the building showcases CENTRIA’s visually stunning Kolorshift metal coating system. The Kolorshift coating system changes color with varying angles of light, effectively shifting from one color to another as light reaches it. The Kolorshift coating, along with Fluorofinish coating used on adjoining panels, insulate the metal further by maintaining nearly exceptional color fastness and weather-resistant features.

  • Market Segment


  • Architect Name

    Bennetts & Huysman Architects, PC

  • Dealer

    CFE, Inc.

  • Installer

    CFE, Inc.

  • Contractor

    The Hayner Hoyt Corporation

  • LEED Certification