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Hotels & Motels

Aesthetics and Sustainability that Last

Hotels and motels around the globe rely on cutting-edge sustainability features and awe-inspiring aesthetics to draw customers to their doors. That's why CENTRIA's comprehensive line of exterior metal wall and roof systems are widely specified to adorn hospitality facilities with the greatest innovations in architectural building product design.


CENTRIA takes pride in manufacturing high-quality insulated panels across the United States and is a top provider of insulated metal panels (IMPs) for hotels and other hospitalities. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, our metal panels are formed by a continuously poured-in-place process that binds both interior and exterior corrosion-resistant steel facings to a polyisocyanurate insulating foam core. Our quality control is unsurpassed, and the on-time delivery rate is unrivaled. We work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the best panel solutions that are reliable, cost-efficient, and dependable.

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     Hotel insulated metal panels are popular due to the endless amounts of benefits they contribute to the hospitalities and the guests. Metal panels are durable, flexible, and are capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions such as severe storms. Hotel and motel IMPs act as a barrier against rain, keeping the water from entering the building and causing damage to the infrastructure.

    • Outstanding Insultation-- In the latest state-of-the-art polyurethane core, built-in thermal breaks, and impermeable faces, CENTRIA hotel IMPs ensure the highest level of insulation for the lifetime of the facility. Hotel or motel IMPs control the flow of heat in or out of the building, meaning better control of the energy used to stabilize indoor temperatures.
    • Low Maintenance— Because of the durability, strength, and longevity of hospitality IMPs, they require minimum to no maintenance. This helps reduce downtime and saves a large part of your annual operating budget.
    • Top Aesthetic— Whether guests wish to relax by the pool or simply indulge in indoor amenities with the family, guests expect to feel comfortable in hospitality venues. CENTRIA IMPs offer a wide array of patterns and finishes inside and outside the facilities. Insulated metal panels have a high level of design freedom, allowing new dimensions and shape variations when designing.


    Since 1996, CENTRIA has been designing and installing prefabricated insulated metal panel systems for a variety of hotel and hospitality industries. We house a multitude of designs, colors, and textures to fit each unique building structure. It’s our comprehensive list of services that makes CENTRIA an industry leader and sets us apart from other manufacturers. The construction support team provides a project-specific menu of services, tailored to meet the customer’s needs through every level of construction. The construction support menu of services includes Project Management Detailing Services, Construction Scheduling, Manufacturing Coordination, Field Dimension/Scanning Services, Contract Negotiation, Engineering Services, Onsite Installation, and Assistance Design/Assist. Contact us today with any motel-insulated metal panel questions!

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