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Architectural Metal Panels

CENTRIA’s architectural metal panels are an attractive solution to your building’s design. Achieve a contemporary and modern look with a variety of colors, materials and finishes. These panels are also a durable and low maintenance roofing or siding solution. We work with architects to help them meet their building aesthetic and functional design needs. Our architectural insulated panels can be used to create beautiful designs with efficient daylighting panels, sunshades and louvers. 

Connect with us today and learn why – time and again – the world’s top owners, architects, and contractors turn to CENTRIA’s architectural metal panels. 

Benefits of Architectural Metal Panels

Our metal panels exceed expectations with superior performance and aesthetic elements that will complement many different design styles. Choosing CENTRIA’s architectural metal panels offer other benefits that outperform traditional building materials including: 


  • Highly durable materials

  • Easy and fast installation 

  • Low maintenance throughout the panels lifetime 

  • Made from sustainable and recyclable materials 

  • Fire-resistant and weather-resistant 

  • Energy efficient and available in Cool Roof colors 

Features & Customizations 

CENTRIA’s architectural metal panels are able to be customized to meet your building’s design needs: 


  • Choose from a variety of different colors

  • Available in different steel gauges 

  • Can be either horizontal and vertical orientation 

  • Panels can be integrated with other building materials, such as glass and concrete 

  • Different styles available, such as exposed or hidden fasteners 

  • Panels available in a variety of sizes 

  • Choose for different thickness amounts

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