Formawall Dimension Series


CENTRIA’s flagship line of insulated metal panels, Formawall High Performance Building Envelope System combines unprecedented design freedom with unmatched performance. All Formawall products include a standard halogen-free foam core, enabling the architectural community to create a more sustainable building environment, while improving the product’s fire performance. Red-list free Formawall insulated metal panels are exclusively FM 4882-certified at the most stringent level, surpass the required protocols for the NFPA 285 complete wall assembly test, and are the subject of a health product declaration (HPD).

The Formawall High Performance Building Envelope System consolidates up to six components found in common wall assemblies into just one. The product’s five distinct profiles deliver unlimited design combinations and create the world’s most imaginative building envelopes with varying articulations, rhythms, and textures. Showcase the ultimate in performance with integrated Formavue windows, engineered with integral head and sill joinery to ensure superior performance. And only Formawall high-performance building envelope system includes the seamless integration of the industry’s highest quality daylighting and ventilation components.

Discover why CENTRIA Formawall High Performance Building Envelope System is a true legend in the making.