Intercept your Inspiration

Intercept is a modular metal wall panel system that allows for design versatility by incorporating different substrates, depths, slopes, curves and perforations into an easy-to-install rainscreen. The lightweight, back-ventilated system combines aesthetics with function, directing water away from your structure, without using sealants of any kind.

The system's modular design lends itself to installation in either vertical or horizontal applications. Intercept panels are available in the standard coil-coated aluminum substrate, as well as post-anodized aluminum, zinc and other natural metals. When installed over CENTRIA's METALWRAP insulated composite backup panels, the system provides protection from air, water, thermal and vapor intrusion.


Features & Benefits

  • Engineered and tested to assure compliance to building codes and regulations including air, water, structural, hurricane and AMMA 508.
  • Solid metal substrate is non-combustible and compliant with NFPA 285, also allowing for easy recyclability.
  • Pairing Intercept with MetalWrap creates the air, water, thermal and vapor barrier needed to protect your structure.
  • Coil-coated aluminum provides superior color consistency and coverage, in an infinite palette, with a standard 20-year finish warranty. Intercept is also available in anodized aluminum, post painted aluminum, Zinc, Stainless Steel and Copper substrates.
  • Clean lines are created with tight corner bends allowed by 0.060” aluminum, while simultaneously providing better structural integrity without the need to fasten to a plywood backer.
  • No sealants are used in the installation which results in a simplified installation process and an exterior that requires no maintenance.
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