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Garmin HQ Parking Garage

Olanthe, KS

CENTRIA® EcoScreen® served as a key design element to the new, four-floor parking garage for the Garmin Headquarters located in Olanthe, KS. Approximately 25,000 square feet of product was specified and selected for the entire building exterior, fulfilling a key design objective while also providing a signature look.

EcoScreen Perforated Screenwalls are created through a unique fabrication process that utilizes 20-gauge stainless steel and 0.040" [1mm] painted aluminum. The result is a 10% - 40% open area that provides an airy aesthetic and controls light and air movement, while elegantly blending industrial and other applications with their surroundings.

Across the 185,000 square-foot parking garage and addition, EcoScreen softens the building’s large scale and enables the delicate diffusion of light into the structure, creating the ideal blend of privacy and illumination.

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Market Segment
Architect Name
Gould Evans Associates
Mays Maune McWard, Inc.
Standard Sheet Metal, Inc.
McCownGordon Construction, LLC
LEED Certification

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