CENTRIA Metal Panels Help Boeing Delivery Center Take Flight

Airplane manufacturer Boeing transformed its customer experience with the completion of a new facility in Charleston, South Carolina

When designers and architects began envisioning the new Boeing South Carolina Delivery Center for Charleston, South Carolina, they knew it had to make a statement.

The building’s purpose was to better facilitate the handover of aircrafts to its customers. With this in mind, the center had to express luxury, strength and modernity.

Having these milestones in place at the outset, architects decided that CENTRIA metal panels were the ideal choice for the building’s exterior.


The Boeing South Carolina Delivery Center would include several key elements: hospitality areas, offices for pilots and flight line staff and a behind-the-scenes TSA checkpoint.

When it came to the exterior, visual impact was key.

Designers wanted to emulate the idea of movement and exploration to telegraph the nature of flight. The design team turned to CENTRIA and its FORMAWALL DIMENSION SERIES insulated metal panels for their aesthetic and inherent performance qualities.

CENTRIA’s Formawall high-performance building envelope system consolidates six wall components into one product, creating distinct architectural wall profiles to match any building design. The product can be installed in either orientation, vertical or horizontal, and enables designers to achieve an uninterrupted appearance thanks to concealed clips, fasteners and sealants along with the exclusive Insulated Metal Vertical Joints.

The panels feature a pressure-equalized side joint to help prevent water infiltration. Formawall also integrates with glass wall, window and louver systems to provide a complete envelop package and comes in a variety of sizes.

Formawall created plenty of flexibility in terms of how the exterior was fashioned for the Boeing Delivery Center. In the final design, flat panels are married with corrugated ones to simulate motion and momentum.


The completion of the Boeing South Carolina Delivery Center made good on the “wow factor” being sought by the jet manufacturer. For Boeing’s customers, the facility has made the experience of picking up a new aircraft a special event.