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Building Envelope Systems

CENTRIA offers high-performance building envelope systems that deliver durability and energy efficiency. Our systems integrate a variety of components including windows, panels and air, water and vapor barriers to create an effective building enclosure. We serve a variety of industries including educational, government, hospitality, industrial, residential, retail and more.

What is a Building Envelope System?

A building envelope system is the separator between a building’s conditioned interior and the unconditioned exterior and includes the roof, walls, windows and flooring. The building envelope should deliver the following functionality: building support, climate control and aesthetic appeal. An effective building envelope should prevent air and water leakage, maintaining a controlled environment within the building. This can enhance the sustainability of your building and reduce long-term costs over its life.

Why Choose CENTRIA?

CENTRIA offers an extensive selection of building components which can be combined to create an effective building envelope system. Choose from a variety of insulated metal panels, rainscreen systems and roof systems to bring your building project to life. Our high-quality building components deliver superior aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value. As a total building envelope system manufacturer, we deliver superior building performance you can depend on.

To create a building envelope solution that meets your needs, contact an experienced sales representative today.

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