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A Whole New Form

Formawall with Halogen-Free Foam

Introducing a new standard in sustainability that will change your perspective on insulated metal panel systems. At CENTRIA, we believe that innovation demands a vision for the future. And that vision comes in the form of our best-selling insulated metal panel now enhanced with halogen-free foam. 

By voluntarily eliminating halogens from the factory foamed-in-place core of Formawall Dimension Series insulated metal panels, you can experience the timeless beauty, industry-leading performance and enhanced sustainability solution—all a single-component. The industry’s best insulated metal panel system just got better.

Get ready to push the envelope further and create an even more sustainable building environment. Be the first to discover more about the all-new Formawall with Halogen-Free Foam. Register today to receive the latest information from CENTRIA.



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