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Profile Series Product Options

A number of product options are available to further enhance the performance and aesthetics of the Profile Series family of products

Liner Panels of various thicknesses can be used with any Profile Series panel to add a layer of insulation that minimizes heat loss or gain, resulting in higher R-values. Liner panels can also provide tested sound or fire protection.
MicroSeam® Corners use advanced structural bonding techniques resulting in corners that appear virtually seamless. And because the corners are produced from the same metal substrate coil as the panels, no welding or pop rivets are used.
MicroLine™ Extrusions make it possible to replace wide obtrusive flashing and exposed fasteners with narrower, crisper and cleaner finished lines.
Profile Louvers come in a wide range of gages, colors and finishes that are designed to match corresponding panels, blending seamlessly into the wall and eliminating visual breaks in site lines.
Curved Panels make it possible to add truly unique and elegant design elements to any project. The panels are available in a wide range of exposed fastener profiles, finishes and colors designed to meet the specifications of any project.


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