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Intercept LVLZ Panel System
​LVLZ adds depth to any design by changing depth seamlessly with exposed fasteners or interruption to the weather barrier of the facade. Intercept LVLZ integrates directly with Intercept Entyre to add as much as 2-1/2" difference in panel to panel depth for 0.060" aluminum walls.
  • Closed-joint back-ventilated Rainscreen Panel with ¾"(19mm) wide reveals between panels
  • Independent panel attachment
Installation Sequence:
  • Bottom up
Installation Patterns:
  • Vertical and/or horizontal orientation
  • Variable running bond–vertically and horizontally
Panel Reveal Width:
  • ¾" [19mm] (Standard)
  • Various horizontal and vertical reveal options available
Panel Depth:
  • 1 ½" [38mm] (Standard)
  • Additional features available upon request

Recommended Maximum Panel Sizes

​Length ​120" [3.0m] ​
​Module ​48" [1.22m]
​Length ​139" [3.5m]
​Module ​30" [0.76m]
​Length ​48" [1.22m]
​Module ​48" [1.22m]

Note: Actual panel dimension may be limited by span and design load conditions.