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Versacore® Elite MX
​CENTRIA’s Versacor Elite Coating System is a premium metal coating system that provides the highest levels of protection in the harshest climatic or environmental conditions. Versacor Elite achieves this high level of performance by applying a 2-mil-thick barrier coat over a metal substrate and is available with a 25-year Coastal Warranty on aluminum substrates and a 20-year Coastal Warranty on galvanized steel substrates.
Versacor® Elite MX is an excellent pearlescent effect color coating for corrosive architectural applications. The coating consists of a 0.8 mil PVDF top coat with mica flakes applied over the 2-mil-thick Versacor Elite Barrier Coat.
  1. ​.8 mil [20.3 micron] nominal PVDF Pearlescent Effect Top Coat with Mica Flakes
  2. 2.0 mil [50.3 micron] nominal Versacor Elite Barrier Coat Primer
  3. Substrate – G-90 galvanized steel, aluminum
  • Reverse Side Protection for Profile Series Panels
As an added layer of protection for exterior walls, a 2-mil-thick Versacor Barrier Coat with a .5 mil polyester topcoat (5913 Arctic Ice) is applied to the interior liner of the metal substrate to protect against corrosion.


Available Substrates

  • ​Standard G-90 hot-dip galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A924 and ASTM A653 structural quality
  • ​Aluminum Alloy 3003 or 5052 and for standing seam roof panels, 3004**, available in smooth surface as a substrate

**Subject to minimum quantity requirements